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A virtually chloride-free potash fertilizer with the lowest salt index of all potash fertilizers, and the only one to supply sulphur in the sulphate form, which is the one taken up by plants.

Solupotasse doesn't contain any Nitrogen, making it ideal for those crops (like strawberries) which require little or no N towards the end of their growing cycle in order to achieve the best quality.

Only available in the British Isles.

Solupotasse is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Group.


To provide a source of soluble, chloride-free potassium (K) fertilizer for use in fertigation and hydroponics.


  • SoluPotasse® is highly soluble in water and dissolves more rapidly than traditional glasshouse grade potassium sulphate.
  • Provides potassium without also providing nitrogen (N) (as happens with potassium nitrate). This allows a better management of the nitrogen fertilization especially for those crops e.g. soft fruits, which require very moderate N dressings towards the end of their growing cycle in order to achieve the best quality crop.
  • Contains sulphur (S) in sulphate form – the only form to be taken up by the plants.
  • Very low conductivity (EC) means you can add more K without making the feed too "salty".



Pack Size

25 kg bags, 42 per pallet.

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