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A range of natural, environmentally benign products including organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and beneficial microorganisms. Many products in this range are compliant with the requirements of "organic" or "biological" crop production and in the UK are Soil Association approved.

They supply beneficial natural fungi and bacteria as well as other products that make plants stronger and allow them to perform better. This makes it possible to save drastically on pesticides as well as on fertiliser. The user achieves at least the same production at lower cost and the plant is healthier.

To learn more please refer to the PHC section (page 24) in our current Product Guide.

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Liquid Organic Plant Feeds

Liquid Organic Plant Feeds

A range of liquid organic NPK fertilizers made from raw materials of plant origin. For use in horticultural and agricultural organic production systems. Soil Association Approved.
Microlife 3:2:3

Microlife 3:2:3

Efficient soil/growing media improver popular with enthusiast competition growers.
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