Wetting agent for foliar sprays and soil penetrant; based on performance-enhanced natural Yucca extract. Buy Online

PHC Yuccah™ is a performance-enhanced, natural-based wetting agent/soil penetrant derived from the yucca schidigera plant.  

This unique desert plant produces natural surfactants to help it use water more efficiently.  These surfactant compounds help plants survive the extreme heat, drought and soil salinity found in harsh climates.

To learn more about Yucca plant cultivation please visit the Sproutabl blog page.


Although pure Yucca extracts are highly effective surfactants, PHC Yuccah®  is modified to enhance wetting and penetrant properties for outstanding performance.  It is an ideal choice as an adjuvant for integrated pest management (IPM) programs.  non-phytotoxic, even when applied in hot, dry conditions.

Yucca schidigera extracts also contain natural saponins that promote beneficial microbial activity in the soil.


  • Effective wetting agent for use with crop care chemicals and foliar fertilizers to improve their performance.
  • Promotes a more uniform movement of water within the soil profile.
  • Alleviates dry soil spots.
  • Increases water penetration through soil for drench, soil injection or fertigation treatments.
  • Stimulates beneficial soil bacteria.
  • Safe, organic product. No risk of (leaf) burn.
  • Non- toxic for plants or animals.





 Yucca schidigera plant extract

90% w/w

 Copolymerised alkane oxide, non-ionic

10% w/w

Pack Size

10 litre jerry cans and 500ml bottles.

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