Reclaim Lawn Care

Mineral/organic lawn fertilizer plus moss/thatch discouraging microorganisms. Buy Online

Reclaim is a specially designed lawn fertilizer containing mineral and organic forms of nitrogen for instant and long lasting effect.

A high potassium content together with magnesium, ensures strong and dense grass with good colour.  Easily available phosphorus encourages strong root development.

A high potassium mineral organic fertilizer with the nitrogen (N) partly organic in origin. 

Also contains beneficial microorganisms to discourage moss and thatch formation.


An ideal lawn fertilizer which improving health, vigour and colour of lawns especially early and late in the season.  

The powerful biological action of beneficial microorganisms helps to eliminates moss and thatch often without the need to scarify.

Photograph right shows effects of Reclaim 8 days after application, note brown moss and healthy green new grass growth.




  • Naturally discourages moss growth and reduces thatch formation.
  • In  many cases the need to scarify is eliminated.
  • Growth of healthy green grass is promoted to create a beautiful lawn.
  • Supplied as a clean easy to use crumb.


6:2:20 + 3 MgO compound organic fertilizer N:p:K containing magnesium and bacteria.

Typical analysis

6% total nitrogen (N) of which

- 2.4% organic N from meat and bone meal and cocoa shells

- 3.4% urea N

2% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)

20% Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water

3% Magnesium oxide (MgO)

25% organic matter derived from meat and bone meal, cocoa shells, vinasses and organic seaweed

Bacillus sp.  106 germes/g

Pack Size

10 and 20kg bags

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