Natural Green™ Classic

100% natural plant strengthener containing Calcium, Silicon and Magnesium.

Highly concentrated calcium formulation containing 31% Ca for foliar application.  

"Gets calcium straight into the leaves".

Natural Green™ Classic is an innovative, 100 % natural mineral product. It contains micro-fine calcite particles (79 % calcium carbonate), as well as 3.8 % silicon, 4.6 % magnesium carbonate and important trace elements.

Due to the unique formulation process involving high energy air milling, highly reactive micro-fine particles (average size 7 μm) are generated. Applied in aqueous suspension to plants the active ingredients can easily penetrate the leave tissue via stomata and cuticle where they take effect.


Natural Green™ Classic is suitable for a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops including beets, potatoes, corn, cereal soybeans, canola, legumes, hops, olives, vine, vegetables, salad, stone fruits, berries, citrus fruit, ornamental plants and lawn.

Natural Green ™ Classic should be applied on the leaves (upper and lower surface) and in some cases directly to the fruit. Depending on the crops the rate is between 0.5 and 3.0 kg/ha.


  • Improves plant photosynthesis and metabolism.
  • Increases yield and quality.
  • Improves natural resistance to diseases and pests and stress caused by adverse climatic conditions.
  • Lengthens shelf life with fewer losses during transport of produce.




 Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)


 Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3)


 Silicon (Si)


Also contains trace elements


 pH value

6.5 – 8.0

Particle size


Pack Size

1 kg jar.

Only Available