Beneficial mycorrhizal inoculant for use in creating healthy plug and other small plants.

PHC MiniPlug™ is a highly concentrated, dry mix spore inoculant for VAM symbiosis on roots of plants grown in small container plugs, including trees and shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Plants grown in soil-less media or sterilised soils often suffer from a root system that lacks the beneficial mycorrhizal fungal partnerships which are important for natural, healthy growth. By inoculating roots with proven vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi early in life, the health of these plants is greatly enhanced. VAM fungi occur naturally on the majority of plant species in the world, but are often absent in artificial propagation systems. Flowers, vegetables (except Brassica), bedding plants and other plants propagated in mini plugs benefit from this inoculant.

A high propagule concentration is needed to ensure adequate distribution of spores throughout the medium.


  • Improves water uptake and drought tolerance.
  • Increases absorption of mineral elements.
  • Improves survival by minimizing "transplant shock" especially in difficult species.
  • Improve growth, yield and productivity.

VAM plants have better survival and growth, absorb more nutrients, especially phosphorus and other mineral elements, and have improved abilities to efficiently absorb more water from soil than plants without VAM.

PHC MiniPlug™ contains spores and other propagules of two different VAM fungi that are compatible with most VAM plants. The spore concentration is very high (635.000 per kg) to ensure efficient inoculation of small containers and plugs.
PHC MiniPlug™ also contains formononetin, a proprietary stimulant of VAM fungi, to promote rapid colonization of the root system.




By weight

VAM Fungal Spores

635,000 per kg

Entrophosphora columbiana spores

317,000 per kg

Glomus intraradices spores

317,000 per kg

Formonometin (colonization stimulator)


Inert ingredients


Pack Size

1.8 kg box.