Microlife 3:2:3

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Microlife is an organic based fertilizer containing naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms which improves the health of soils and other growing media thereby promoting optimum plant performance.  Also contains useful levels of NPK fertilizer to improve fertility.

Widely used by professional growers and enthusiast flower and vegetable competition gardeners to help get award winning results.


Particularly useful where soils have been over-worked and lost their fertility and natural flora and fauna balance.  Microlife contains spores and natural bacillus subtilis and trichoderma hazianum which will regenerate the soil health and help prevent soil-borne diseases such as pythium, fusarium and phytophthora (the damping off disease "trio").

Recommended by UK based chrysanthemum expert grower Ivor Mace.



Enriched organic soil improver, rich in organic matter containing bacteria and trichoderma.

Typical analysis

3% total nitrogen (N) of which

- 3%  organic N from meat and bone meal and cocoa shells

2% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)

3% Potassium oxide K2O) Soluble in water

40% organic matter derived from meat and bone meal meal and cocoa shells

Bacillus subtilis sp. 106  germes/g

Trichoderma hazianum 109 cfu/g

Pack Size

5 kg cartons and 20 kg bags.

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