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Fulvic 25 is a new, natural and sustainable fulvic acid formulation which is a simple by-product of a potable water purification process rather than the traditional high energy, chemical production method.  The source is water, drawn from a depth of 300 metres below certain peaty soil areas in The Netherlands, which contains a small amount of natural humic compounds.  This gives the water a slight colouration and although harmless, the compounds are removed by the Dutch water company before the water is supplied to consumers.undefined

Humic compounds are formed by the microbial degradation of plant material such lignin. The main component being a group of humic acids which includes fulvic acids characterised by their lower molecular weight and therefore ‘smaller’. Having lower molecular weight results in some interesting and useful chemical properties.

Fulvic acid readily form complexes, also known as fulvic colloids with elements such as iron, manganese and zinc and help solubilise phosphorus in the soil.  Because, and unlike other humic equivalents, fulvic colloids are able to pass through biological membranes; this in turn increases availability and subsequent metabolism of nutrients by plants. 


To rejuvenate tired, denatured and depleted soils in a natural, environmentally benign way.

To help replicate healthy soil properties in artificial growing media such as peat/coir-based composts.

Can be used in sequence with other Plant Health Cure soil amendment products to improve soils and other growing media still further.

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  • Restores and improves normal soil biochemistry.

  • Increases availability and uptake of essential mineral nutrients.

  • A natural product recovered from the processing of drinking water.

  • Easy to use liquid formulation.




Value (~)

Fulvic acid

17 %

Humic acid

3 %

Organic matter

220 g/l




94-185 cmol+/kg

Miscibility in water

100 %

Specific gravity


Pack Size

500 ml bottles

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