Date Palm Organic Fertilizer

Compound organic fertilizer formulated for the specific needs of date palm.


To encourage establishment, development and fruiting of date palm and many other crops. 


  • Solufeed Organic Date Palm fertilizer releases nutrients slowly to provide a prolonged nutrient supply.  All nutrients are fully available to the plant.  The nutrients are balanced to meet the needs of the crop.
  • The organic component helps with water retention around the roots and degrades to form beneficial humus in the soil which encourages beneficial microbial activity.
  • This product is allowed for organic farming according to annex 1 of the EC-regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 concerning the biological production method.


 6:5:10 +4 MgO compoundorganic fertilizer.

Typical analysis

6% w/w total nitrogen (N) of which

- 6% w/w/ organic bound N from meat and bone meal, bone meal and cocoa shells

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)

10% w/w Potassium oxide K2O) Soluble in water

4% w/w Magnesium oxide (MgO)

45% w/w organic matter derived from meat and bone meal, bone meal and cocoa shells

Pack Size

20 kg bags.