A Natural Wax - A new approach to adjuvant technology.

PHC AgroWax™ is an ethoxylated wax widely used in the food industry.  By acting  as a surfactant, it helps to reduce the amount of surface water on the leaves. The wax left on the surface of the leaf after application helps to boost natural cuticular wax, which may otherwise lead to increased disease attack.



PHC AgroWax™ discourages water accumulation making leafy (eg salad) crops drier and easier to harvest.  By effecting a quick run-off of water from leaves, disease and insect activity are discouraged promoting healthier crop. 

PHC AgroWax™ has no detrimental influence on plant growth, stomatal function, evapotranspiration or photosynthesis.


  • Discourages disease attack
  • Increases efficacy of fungicide sprays
  • Drier leaf surfaces for easier harvesting


Contains high quality food grade ethoxylated natural wax.

Pack Size

10 litre jerry cans.