PHC AgroAcid™

For pH control in agriculture and horticulture, a new safe and clean alternative to concentrated mineral acids.

AgroAcid™ is rated as non-corrosive, non-fuming, 100% biodegradable, and is classified as a skin non-irritant and non-mutagenic to fish and wildlife. Yet it outperforms hydrochloric acid formulations in a wide variety of situations


PHC AgroAcid™ is a new revolutionary state of the art acid replacement system. With the increasing use of alkaline bore-hole water and effluent water, more plant producers are facing the challenges that come from decreasing water quality and associated high pH.

High bicarbonate levels in irrigation and soil water locks up essential plant nutrients making them unavailable for plant uptake. High bicarbonate levels can also severely reduce water infiltration rates leading toundefined salinity of the soil and dry soils. High soil pH can encourage diseases and create an environment unhealthy for plants.

PHC AgroAcid™ replaces nitric, phosphoric and sulphuric acids and outperforms all, including urea-buffered sulphuric (MCDS) without the use of harsh mineral acids. This is accomplished by using a synthetic acid that degrades the bicarbonates and carbonates present in the water and in soil.



  • Removes alkalinity from the soil (increasing acidity).
  • Washes sodium through the soil profile, reducing salinity.
  • Improves nutrient availability in the soil, and helps soil structure (Flocculation).
  • Is a specifically formulated cleaner for the flushing of unwanted deposits from the irrigation system.
  • Used on a regular basis throughout the season, it will ensure that lines and sprinkler heads are kept free of lime scale build up and maintained in good working order.
  • Can be used to clean spraying equipment, Pad & Fan systems, and glasshouses.
  • Is non-hazardous and requires no specialist handling. It will not corrode equipment, rubber, glass, stainless, brass, PVC and nylon and it is harmless to plants and the environment.


A novel, patented synthetic acid.

Pack Size

10 litre jerry can.


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