Encourages resistance to insect pests and diseases. The natural way to healthy, resilient turf. Formally marketed as Aston Turf. Buy Online

Turfcare is a cost-effective method of growing turf grass in a sustainable way.  Turfcare is natural product derived from garlic extract.  It contains high levels of allicin which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Also contains 30 other sulphur based nutrients and selenium that will stimulate plant growth.


Turfcare is suitable for use on all fine turf areas, general amenity areas including parks, playing fields, grassland and conservation areas.

Regular use of Turfcare assists grass to resist and recover from most of the common fungal diseases such as Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Fusarium, Fairy Ring, Dollar Spot and Red Thread.  It also aids the turf's, natural resistance to insects such as crane fly, frit fry, and aids recovery from damage caused by nematodes.


Turfcare has a very low content of solids, making it ideal for spraying, drip irrigation or for use in ULV systems. This product is water-based, standardised, concentrated and biodegradable.


Derived from garlic extract.

Pack Size

1 and 5 litre containers.

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