Sweet K Liquid

Potassium balanced with nitrogen and sulphur foliar fertilizer.


Solufeed Sweet K is suitable for a very wide range of vegetable and fruit crops from Top Fruit (apples and pears etc) and soft fruit (tomatoes, melons etc) through stone fruit (apricots, cherries) and a wide range of vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, broccoli etc) and including root crops (carrots, turnips, potatoes).

Recommended for foliar application.


  • Boosts potassium (K) for sweeter, firmer produce.
  • Includes sulphur (S) an important secondary nutrient to balance nitrogen (N) use.
  • Easy to use, clear liquid foliar feed provides nutrients directly into the plant.



A liquid formulation containing:

                               % w/v             % w/w
Nitrogen                     8.6                    7.0
Potassium (K2O)       18.5                  15.0
Sulphur (as S)          12.7                  10.3

Pack Size

Standard pack is a 10 litre jerry can but other packs can be available upon request.

Packshot for illustration only.