Sea King

Crop Quality Enhancer.

Calcium and magnesium with organic fulvic acid and organic ascopyllum seaweed extract.


A nutritional supplement to boost crop quality and plant health.


  • Strengthens cell walls to provide firmer produce with a longer shelf life.
  • Develops deep green foliage to maximize photosynthesis.
  • Allows roots to absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  • Feeds beneficial bacteria in the root zone that are working to protect and feed the plant.
  • A natural biostimulant to maximize plant development and harvest yield.
Nutrifol collage.jpg


Contains (%w/w)

Nitrogen (N)                7.4

Magnesium as MgO      3.7

Calcium as CaO            8.3

Natural fulvic acids       1.4

Ascophyllum extract     3.6

Appearance: Brown opaque free flowing liquid.

Pack Size

10 litre drums

Not Available