Solufeed TEC

A carefully formulated, balanced chelated micronutrient source for hydroponics and fertigation. NEW IMPROVED FORMULATION. Buy Online


By substituting traditional sodium FeEDTA with a new superior spray agglomerated potassium form, the formulation is now more homogeneous, dissolves faster and contains less sodium.  All important benefits for the progressive grower.  The analysis remains unchanged.


Solufeed TEC is designed as a source of trace elements for growers who mix their own NPK fertilizer.

Solufeed TEC is widely used in the production of tomato, cucumber and other salad crops in hydroponics and other inert media culture. It is particularly valuable in NFT production systems.

Also suitable for mixing with fertilizer to use in growing media and soil based production systems for ornamentals.



  • Efficient delivery of micronutrients – up to 5 times more efficient than sulphate-based mixes.
  • Quick and simple to use; only one product to measure out and hold in stock.
  • Fully compatible formulation prevents sludging, sedimentation, “rusty roots” and blocked drip lines.
  • Suitable for most crops including soft fruit.



Nutrient Content (%)
Boron (as polyborate) 0.92
Copper (as EDTA) 0.23
Iron (as EDTA) 8.27
Manganese (as EDTA) 2.00
Molybdenum (as molybdate) 0.15
Zinc (as EDTA) 1.16

Pack Size

10 kg polythene pail.

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