Solufeed Fe 6.0 EDDHA Premium

High performance 6% FeEDDHA containing 4.8 % iron as the most biologically effective ortho-ortho isomer. For use in very high pH, calcareous soils and in hydroponics.


To prevent and correct iron deficiency in most, horticultural, ornamental and arable crops growing in soils of adversely high pH.

Especially useful in high value cropping systems where absolute confidence in product efficacy is essential.

Recommended for soil application either directly or preferably via fertigation systems.



  • Solufeed Fe 6.0 EDDHA Premium is a top quality chelated iron fertilizer containing 4.8% Fe as ortho-ortho FeEDDHA
  • More stable than FeEDTA, FeDTPA and lower grades of FeEDDHA at higher soil pH's and calcium carbonate content.
  • Supplied as dustless, free flowing rapidly soluble microgranules.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphates thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.


A spray agglomerated microgranule formulation of Sodium ferric ethylenediamine bis-(2-hydroxyphenyl acetate) (Fe EDDHA Na) containing:

Water soluble Fe: 6.00%

Fe chelated by EDDHA: 5.70% minimum

Fe chelates by o-o EDDHA 4.80%

Practical pH stability range: 4 – 9 (in aqueous solution)

Pack Size

10 x 1 kg cartons, 25 kg polythene-lined cartons.