An advanced, carefully formulated and fully chelated micronutrient source, without sodium, for modern hydroponics systems and foliar feeding.

Solufeed TEC™ (Trace Element Compound) was developed many years ago to provide growers with an effective, convenient and one-stop source of all six micronutrients. The product avoided the need to buy, stock and measure out six separate raw materials and eliminated potentially costly dosing errors. The micronutrient content and relative proportions were chosen to cater for the needs of most plant species.

Over the years Solufeed TEC™ has undergone a number of developments and advances culminating in the latest sodium free and enhanced solubility formulation – Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ is complemented by a range of sodium free copper, iron, manganese and zinc chelates available as liquids or microgranules.

  • Sodium free formulation so ideal for situations where sodium levels in the soil or feed solution are an agronomic issue.undefined
  • Very high solubility for fast preparation of concentrated stock solutions.
  • Source, stock and measure out only one product providing all six micronutrients.
  • Supplied as free-flowing, dustless microgranules, so easy and pleasant to use.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphates thereby remaining effective in feed solutions.
  • Useful counter ion fertilizer contribution (K and NH4).
  • Non-hazardous to store, handle and use.


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