Soil Association Approval for Fulvic products.

Following their successful commercial launches in 2015, we are pleased to announce that Fulvic 25 and Fulvic Bio have been both approved by the UK Soil Association for use in organic crop production.

These novel and innovative fulvic acid formulation joins a growing portfolio of Solufeed SA Approved organic products including the Aston Garlic and Plant Health Cure ranges.  Fulvic 25 is aimed at the large scale commercial grower while Fulvic Bio is identical but packaged for the smaller user and keen hobbyist.

Fulvic 25 and Fulvic Bio are both high quality fulvic acid formulations derived from renewable sources with negligible environmental impact.  Uses include the rejuvenation of tired, denatured soils and to help replicate healthy soil properties in artificial growing media such as peat/coir based composts.  Key benefits are:

  • Restoration and improvement of soil biochemistry
  • Increased availability and uptake of essential mineral nutrients
  • Promotion of healthy and productive plant growth.
  • Easy to use liquid.


Learn more about Fulvic 25 and Fulvic Bio.