Non-Stop Technology

Technology for Enhancing Solufeed Water Soluble Fertilizers. Improving performance by discouraging phosphate reactions and scale formation in hydroponics/fertigation systems.

Normally phosphates will react with calcium (and other substances) to form insoluble compounds. For the modern Grower, these often lead to problematic scale formation and in turn, dripper blockages, plant mortality and expensive maintenance bills.

Non-Stop is the name for a new non-acidic chemical technology that arrests troublesome phosphate reactions and generally increases the efficiency of hydroponics/fertigation systems.

Non-Stop technology is to be phased into production schedules during the coming months and all new material will be clearly labelled. By the 2016/17 season it is anticipated that all Solufeed water soluble fertilizers made for sale in the British Isles will incorporate Non-Stop technology as standard.

For our export markets and custom blend customers, Non-Stop Technology will be offered as an option.

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