New Web Site

Welcome to the new Solufeed Website. A clean modern design with state of the art technology for fast navigation getting the information you need easily and quickly.

1 June 2015 sees the official launch of a brand new Solufeed website replacing the one created over four years ago.

Supported by modern state of the art software technology, the new www.solufeed.com has a clean, bright and up to date appearance. This together with product-lead navigation and clear product categorisation makes the web site exceptionally user friendly; it is very easy for visitors to find the information they need.  For those who know what they need, a Technical Data Sheet for example, then the intuitive Digital Product Guide drills down quickly to the desired result.

The website is also sensitive to where visitors are located so content appropriate to their country is shown. There are a number (set to increase) of country specific pages giving an introduction to Solufeed in the local language.  Additionally and for the benefit of non-English speakers, there is an instant Google Translate facility for any web page.

Because the new website is 'responsive' to mobile devices it is useable on all devices including tablets and smart phones as well as laptops and PCs.

Please contact us for more information.