Boosing ornamentals in growing media. (Press release).

Fertiliser specialists Solufeed commissioned an independent trial at NIAB EMR Research Station, East Malling, Kent, UK on the effect of 3 Plant Health Cure products on fuchsia in two types of growing media, one with peat the other peat free. The trial was supervised and scored by an independent consultant Susie Holmes. The trial began in May 2016 and finished at the end of July.

The PHC products trialled were:

Fulvic 25 - A natural soil conditioner which recreates healthy soil biochemistry.

Biovin™A natural organic fertilizer that improves soil health by stimulating development of the symbiotic activity of mycorrhizae.

Compete™ Plus - A rhizosphere inoculant that contains beneficial strains of soil microbes to improve the root functions.

The results were conclusive:

With Fuchsia all products showed an improvement across all the growing media. The most significant improvement was achieved with Compete™ Plus (see photograph).

Whilst this trial was conducted on Fuchsia it does conclusively prove that significant improvements on any ornamental and indeed other plants can be achieved by increasing the beneficial microbes in the growing media whether with or without peat.

It also showed all 3 products had similar effects but their methods of use are quite different. Biovin™ is simply mixed in with the growing medium, Compete™ Plus is normally applied via a fertigation system and Fulvic 25 can be applied diluted at any time.

More details about the trial are available from Solufeed +44 (0)1243 554090 or E-mail: enquiries@solufeed.com