Aston update

The Aston Horticulture range of garlic extract-based products was acquired by Solufeed in December 2014. After just six months Jack Holden, Solufeed's Account Manager for southern Britain, gives a market update and reports on some positive user feedback.

undefinedConsumers are less willing to pay for produce that has been treated with conventional pesticides. Probably the most obvious and cost-effective way to reduce the need for conventional pesticides is by producing a strong and healthy crop that is able to resist pest attack.

Over ten years ago, Aston Horticulture developed a range of natural garlic based plant strengthening products. They provide a cost-effective and sustainable way to grow crops reducing the use of conventional pesticides. The Aston portfolio of products are not only highly effective, but are bio-degradable, completely odourless after application and leave zero-residue.

Grower Richard Lewis at Stubbins Marketing in the UK began using Aston products more than 6 years ago, giving weekly treatments of Anthyllis™ applied through the drip irrigation and regular spray treatments of  Garshield™ to peppers and tomatoes. As a result Richard has reduced the need for corrective sprays.

As with most professional growers, Richard is required by the supermarkets to record and declare undefinedwhat chemicals are applied to his crops. One of the reasons he chooses Aston products is because all products are completely natural, Soil Association approved and all meet with the requirements of ‘organic’ or ‘biological’ crop production.

Consultant agronomist Gwyn Roberts has recommended Anthyllis™ in tomato production for almost 10 years with Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) production systems. He believes that weekly additions of the product to the irrigation water help maintain a clean and healthy root environment that greatly enhances crop performance across a range of tomato varieties.

The Aston range includes Anthyllis™, Garberry™, Garvine™ and Garshield™ aimed at commercial growers together with Garlic Wonder™ branded products for serious hobby gardeners. Garlic Wonder™ is the same top quality as the professional products but the concentrations and pack sizes are more appropriate to the smaller user.

The Aston Range of products are now manufactured by Solufeed and enjoy the same high level of technical and commercial support as their more familiar water soluble fertilizers and chelated micronutrients.

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