5 steps to sustainable tree production

New brochure focuses on key Plant Health Cure (PHC) products for the tree growing industry.

Todays grower continues to face increasing environmental and consumer pressure to carefully consider the fertilization and disease management implications of their enterprises.  As a result new sustainable practises are being developed with Plant Health Cure at the forefront of PHC Tree brochure front covertechnical developments.  It is now possible to efficiently reduce the use of artificial fertilizers and crop care chemicals by employing a number of innovative product from PHC.

Hot off the press is a new brochure which features a range of PHC products useful to the tree (and similar) grower.  These include Biovin Soil improver, MycorDip Universalinnoculant and Natural Green high performance calcium.

PHC products are available in the British Isles through Solufeed Ltd  Call +44 (0)1243 554090 or e-mail us to get your copy of the brochure or to obtain more information.