First registered in 1946, Solufeed was the brand name of a single ICI fertilizer for the then infant hydroponics industry. The Solufeed brand now embraces hundreds of products sold throughout the world. Products with a reputation for quality, reliability and value and the choice for today's discerning Grower.

In the early 1940's the British Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Ltd built experimental glasshouses in the grounds of its headquarters at Fernhurst, close to Haslemere in Surrey, England.  Here pioneering research into the nutrition of hydroponically grown crops, and especially NFT (the Nutrient Film Technique), took place.

From this research came Solufeed 'F' ('F' for Fernhurst) the very first complete hydroponics feed - still sold today!  Later came Solufeed 'H' ('H' for Haslemere) a two component feed specially formulated for tomatoes.

In 1990 Solufeed Ltd. was formed following a management buyout from ICI. The product range expanded and exports increased.

Today the company is in independent ownership, focusing on specialty fertilizers for the agriculture, horticulture and amenity sectors. The product range has expanded still further and the company exports to more than 40 countries across the world. 

Solufeed products, both liquid and powder, are manufactured and marketed to the standards of ISO 9001/2015.